Al Marwa Boutique Hotel long-term management agreement

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Al Marwa Boutique Hotel long-term management agreement

Landmark International Hotels (LIH) has signed a long-term management agreement with AZAL&CO. HOLDING, property owner of Al Marwa Boutique Hotel. With plans to transform the brand’s offerings, in preparation for its opening in Spring 2014, LIH will begin operating the hotel on the Karrada business district as of March 2014.

“We are excited to be granted the opportunity to manage the first Business Boutique Hotel in Baghdad,” said Firas Mneimneh, President and CEO of Landmark International Hotels. “It’s a unique property with a number of attractive features, which we intend to showcase to make Al Marwa LIH Hotel an iconic landmark in Baghdad.”

“We are delighted to have Landmark International Hotels on board managing Al Marwa Hotel,” said Ahmad Azal Al Moussawi, Chairman of Board of Director for AZAL&CO. HOLDING. “Their vision perfectly complements Al Marwa Hotel, which is an unmatched experience due to its facilities, architecture and service. We are sure Al Marwa will be a spectacular business success under LIH management, who will take the Hotel to new dimensions.” he added.

Located in the heart of Karrada, Baghdad’s major business centre, Al-Marwa Boutique Hotel is set to offer refined hospitality services to a select clientele.

The hotel’s arabesque style architecture houses 120 rooms and suites as well as various dining facilities including a Restaurant specialized in the finest Lebanese Cuisine “Al-Fardos”, a Shisha Garden, and a Lobby Lounge, added to a daily buffet breakfast, all serving Al-Marwa’s in-house guests as well as those wishing to live this exclusive experience.

Set to cater for all types of guests, notably those visiting for business purposes, Al-Marwa Boutique Hotel has a business centre, a conference room (that also serves as a multi-purpose hall), a meeting room, and free Wi-Fi Internet service.

… Al-Marwa Boutique Hotel will cocoon you inside a self-sufficient environment, guaranteeing everything you may need to make your stay as pleasant and fruitful as you wish it to be.