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The company I work for owns a number of apartment buildings in Dubai. They are located in the Emirates Living District, a desirable place for families to rent apartments in Dubai. It is located close to shopping, schools and parks.


My company had hired a real estate management firm to rent our apartments, but they didn’t work out and we weren’t happy with the number of apartments that were being rented. There was no reason for this. The area has many open spaces, is a gated and secure community, and even has swimming pools and beautiful lakes.


We searched for and interviewed a number of new real estate companies. We were impressed with the LIH Group so we contracted with them to find renters for our apartments. We have been very happy with them. LIH has been able to keep the apartments rented at a 90 percent capacity. We are considering LIH as a property manager for the entire complex once our current contract expires with our current management firm.


Hanan C.


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