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Commercial Property is a crucial asset to any serious real estate portfolio. But, such an investment needs more knowledge & thought.


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Get the Best Possible Deal on Your Commercial Office Property Investment in Dubai

The LIH Group provides premier Real Estate Investment Services in Dubai that will ensure your purchases provide the best returns possible.  Our commercial investment experts and agents are familiar with the ins and outs of doing business in Dubai when it comes to purchasing commercial properties.  Whether you’re looking for a small office space for your company, or an investment in an entire office building, LIH delivers the highest level of service to get you the property and the price you’re looking for.


The real estate marketing in Dubai has undergone many changes in the past years, and it’s expanding rapidly.  In addition, many of the regulations in Dubai regarding the buying and selling of property have and will change; the way properties are purchased and sold will continue to vary.  This is why it’s more important than ever to have an expert real estate agent you can count on who knows about, and will continue to stay updated about these changing policies. Depend upon the LIH Group to be your commercial real estate purchasing expert in Dubai.

ZYR viewLIH uses proven methods and strategies to find you valuable properties to add to your portfolio that will get you the return on your investment that you need.  Our multilingual professionals have experience assessing, implementing and managing solutions for clients across the globe with impressive real estate portfolios.  We’ve made them happy, and we can do this for you too. You can be assured that we’ll find the office property you need at the price you’re looking for.

You’ll be assigned to a personal LIH Commercial Property Agent to discuss and develop a strategy for your investment.  This will be based on your particular requirements and wishes, along with your budget criteria.  From this point on, your LIH Agent will be in constant contact with you, setting up meetings to discuss potential properties for you to look at.  We’ll assist you with negotiating the best price possible.

We’ll Even Help You Move In!

We can offer you a one-stop service, not only finding you the right property, negotiating the sales rate for you, but by helping you with the logistics of your move.  Our wide network of moving companies will bid for your services, so we’ll find you just the right moving company and at a great price as well.

We’ll Help You Find a Financial Provider

We’ll also help you find a mortgage to meet your budget criteria. If you are not yet pre-approved by a mortgage provider then MAKE AN ENQUIRY TO BUY. You can also visit our Mortgages page to view our list of our preferred financial providers.

You can count on the experts at the LIH Group to find the right office property in Dubai for you, and to be there every step of the way.

Contact us today to speak with one of our commercial property agents today. Or call us in Dubai at: +9714 427 2100

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