Good Commercial Property Managers in Dubai Are Hard To Find.


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Our experience as commercial real estate investors in Dubai, is that there are many “chiefs” but not so many “Indians.” This is an old American saying meaning that there are many people who are in charge, but not so many who actually do the work.

My company is a large real estate conglomerate, headquartered in New York City. We invest in only the most premier commercial properties around the world. Dubai has many of these. They are a “diamond” in the Middle East, and their properties are the same.

We have spent many millions of dollars on commercial property investments in this glorious city, because we know that we’ll get a huge return on our investment in years to come. In the meantime, we needed a reliable and trustworthy Commercial Property Management firm to oversee our properties.


After years of trying others, we’ve finally settled on The LIH Group. Why? It took us a while to determine this, and we’re experts in real estate ourselves! But LIH is simply first class. And for the past year, they’ve proved that we can depend on them.


They not only manage all of our properties efficiently and cost-effectively, but they advise us on trends to come and new properties available for purchase.


I hesitate to write this blog, because I don’t want LIH to get so busy that they’re too busy for us! But, I really don’t think this will happen. Especially because we call on them when we want to purchase additional commercial properties!


Take my advice. Use LIH. You can depend on them.




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