I Have Sold Many New Houses In Dubai.


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I Have Some Sound Advice For Others.


I will not mention my name, or the name of my development corporation because I do not want this to appear as an advertisement. I am writing this message only because I firmly believe that The LIH Group is the very best real estate representative in Dubai for companies like mine, and I wanted to share this with others.


My firm has been in the residential real estate (home building) industry in Dubai for over 25 years, and I have sold many new houses. I have many close connections and friends in the business here. LIH is one of them. I turn to them whenever I have a new project in mind, even before the ground is first broken on a project. I want them involved every step of the way so they can prepare a sound marketing and sales plan for my new developments.


Dubai is thriving and ever changing, and unless you are proactive in your planning and marketing, the competition will take away your potential sales. LIH ensures that the right messages go out to the right prospects, so my houses are sold, in most cases, before they have been completed.


When selling houses it is essential that you match the buyer with the property in a thoughtful manner. A house is a home, and not just an investment for most people. I have been successful as a developer because I know this. LIH knows this as well.


Of course, everyone wants to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest. In the Dubai real estate market, this is a possibility if you have the right real estate firm advising you. LIH succeeds, on both the real estate purchasing and home selling ends. I know because I often by large plots of land through them and turn them into developments with houses, parks and other facilities for local families and expatriates.


I have used other real estate firms as well, but LIH is my favorite—Hence this message. By the way, I have some new houses for sale. Please contact LIH to learn about them!




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