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I buy and sell land in Dubai and throughout the UAE. As a landowner and real estate investor I am always looking for qualified real estate agents. I recently used The LIH Group to sell a large area of land for me in Dubai.


The land for sale was in Arjan, a freehold mixed-use area located on the northwestern edge of Dubailand. LIH arranged for me to sell my land to a commercial real estate developer at a superb price. This is a prime area. Arjan will soon be home to the famed Dubai Eye, the highest observatory wheel in the world, and Dubai´s first open air Amphitheatre. It is also adjacent to the world-class DuBiotec biotechnology research project and development.


The LIH Groups found the buyer and negotiated a great purchase price, all within a period of three months. I am extremely pleased and will certainly use their services for other plots of land in Dubai that I want to sell in Dubai in the upcoming year. The real estate market in Dubai is thriving, and they will likely be able to sell my land at an even greater profit that this last sale.




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