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I am a developer and real estate investor from Abbu Dhabi. I have many properties through the UAE, including in Dubai. Dubai developments are a recent acquisition and endeavor over the past six years. My colleagues in Abbu Dhabi referred me to the LIH Group as a consultant for my needs, which are many.


They have not only helped me advertise my new homes for sale, but also purchase lands for future development. My colleagues have had great success with LIH so I trusted them to take on my expansion into Dubai. So far, they have proved worthy.


I have sold over 500 homes at present and have many more to sell. LIH reaches out to people and businesses across the globe to bring in prospective buyers. Many families are coming to Dubai because of the bountiful work opportunities here. These people are the market that LIH advertises to. So far their strategy has proven successful.


My homes for sale are beautifully designed and my developments include amenities like running and biking trails, parks, nurseries, and easy access to public transit.


For more information, please contact the LIH group. I highly recommend them.




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