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As a local businessman, and real estate investor in Dubai. I am always looking for qualified real estate brokers to represent me. I own a number of office buildings in the Downtown District and am continually looking for qualified agents to represent me and rent my office spaces.


One by one I’ve let realtors go. They make promises they cannot deliver on. It is so tiresome. That is why I am writing this message. The LIH Group is unlike others. They deliver on their promises. I have found them to be reliable and honorable in all my dealings with them.


They may not lease all my office spaces, but they do try. And their success rate has been well above other realtors in Dubai. With patience, I trust that they will rent my offices due to their connections around the world and locally.


The rental market here is not as strong as in years past, but I know this will be short lived. It is only because Dubai is growing so quickly and so expansively. With multi-national companies flocking to the area, it will not be long before all of my spaces are leased.


When this happens, I will turn to LIH to look for other purchasing opportunities. That is how much I trust them, and the reason why I write to you.




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